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Pamela J. McAlexander

Reading was my passion from a very early age, especially romance novels. I loved immersing myself in another time, place, or world.

I met my husband early in life and we've loved one another forever. He's that hero in every novel I ever read (I'm one of those lucky ones).

I bring a bit of my own background into my stories. From healing and crystals, to nature and the elements. You'll learn something about yourself in every story you read of mine. 

Book 1 of 6 in the Creation Chronicles

Book 1, Coveted Creations (coming soon).

"All living things originate from Mother Earth, born from the purity of her heart. But what happens when she falls in love with a Druid, whose creations are born of the mysteries and secrecies of the mind?

Is their love strong enough to endure the lies, the chaos, and the loss that most surely is the journey they will take together?"

Gaia & Cian's Story

Coveted Creations is Gaia & Cian's story.

Gaia has known from birth that she will take her place as the next Mother Earth. She is so strongly committed to her role that there is no place in her life to fall in love with a Druid, especially one who is to be "The Chosen".

Cian has dedicated his life to one day become "The Chosen" and yet he has felt a connection to Gaia since before she was born. Knowing she is part of a prophecy and keeping secrets from her, he's afraid of losing her.

Can a love between the two survive and will they ultimately co-create the perfect beings?

Through creation, magick, and healing, in the end their children will ultimately have to choose between curse or gift in order to return to peace from chaos.


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Maybe you have questions?

What does Paranormal Romance mean?

There are so many different types (sub-genres) of romance novels. Paranormal is just one of them. It means the love stories within may involve myth or legend, worlds that maybe don't exist (or so we think), things that we don't exactly have a scientific explanation for, or just some seriously awesome, totally made up stuff. But they're good, fun to read, and sometimes just completely "out there". These types of stories take you outside the "norm", and when they're really well written, make you wonder....

How can I read what you've written?

I've been a published author since 2012 and my books prior to this type of writing have been books written based on my knowledge and experience (they are not romance novels).

For example, my husband and I have owned our home inspection business since 2000. In 2012, I decided to write about home inspections. It details what to expect whether you're the buyer/seller, who should be there, how to prepare for one, etc. It's called "Puzzled About the Home Inspection Process". It is available in paperback, hard-cover and in E-book format.

My next book, "Anchors and Wings" is only available in E-book format. And for everyone who signs up for my monthly newsletter, you'll be sent a copy. I wrote this book based on my own healing business, Tri-Holistic Healthy Healing. It talks about whether you're weighted down or flying high (involving your own energy vibration).

I started writing romance in October of 2016, and have really found my passion. I'll let you all know when it's out in publication and then you can let me know what you think! I have so many stories floating around in my head that I want to write and can't wait to get to them. I've found that once you get started doing what you love, and you love what you do, there is no limit!

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You better believe there will! I'm on a roll now, and the faster I can write them, the faster they can get published and you can read them! 

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